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Our standard process is to send or give you a check after the SellMeYourVin valet picks up the vehicle.

We give you a guaranteed, no-haggle price based on:

  • Your license plate or VIN
  • Year, make, model and trim
  • Features and condition
  • Availability of similar cars in your area


Your offer is pending inspection, valid ownership, and any lien payoff information. SellMeYourVin quick inspections verify vehicle details and condition, sometimes even resulting in an increase in your offer.

Absolutely, we have an extremely talented team of mechanics & collision specialists. 

If you have negative equity on your vehicle (being underwater, or upside down on your loan.) You can still sell your vehicle to us. You will just have to pay us the difference at time of possession/pickup. Or you can roll your remaining balance into the purchase of a new vehicle.

We will buy your car right now.