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How Car Valuation Works: 5 Key Factors That Affect Your Car’s Resale Value

Want to sell your car and wondering whether you can get a good (and hopefully fair) deal for your trouble? To begin, you’ll need to be able to gauge your car’s estimated worth to avoid getting the short end of the stick when negotiating with potential buyers and dealers. To help clueless car owners like yourself, our team of used car experts at Sell Me Your Vin has put together a list of 5 key factors that can influence your car’s resale valuation.

Condition of Vehicle

One of the main (and more subjective) factors that significantly influence a car’s value is its condition. The general rule being the better condition the car is in, the higher the resale value. 

While the assessment of the condition of a vehicle might be subjective, here are some signs of visible wear and tear that will negatively impact value:

  • Distressed and torn seats